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Pratyush Verma

About Me

Hi Friends,
I am Pratyush Verma, I am currently doing undergraduate studies from BIT Mesra, Ranchi. My major is Computer Science and I am an RHCE. I love writing codes in C, C++, JAVA, bash. But my preferred language is C++. I have been using fedora for quite some time and i love shell scripting as well. My hobbies include playing cricket and i love listening to music. I have been involved in conducting workshops on basic shell scripting, and I have even volunteered and worked under the Fedora Ambassador of our college in the install feats.

Talks and Workshops

==> Conducted an Installfest under Fedora College Ambassador of BIT Mesra at BIT Mesra (India) (September 2009)
==> Conducted a workshop on Basic Shell Scripting at BIT Mesra (August 2009)

Contact Information

  • EMAIL :
  • Fedora Account  :

Websites: - my techiE page - my facebook profile