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About me:

I am not a computer professional, but rather am a finance and accounting ´s professional , but I am fond of everything that has to do with these things is my hobby, recently started using Fedora in version 15 (Verne) but I really like this distro up to the point of wanting to support in any way with Fedora.


Mail: williamjmorenor(at)fedoraproject(dot)org


IRC Nick: viperboy001 (Frequently channels:#fedora-ni ; #fedora-latam at freenode)

Social Networks:

Twitter (williamjmoreor) ; Facebook (williamjmorenor) ; (williamjmorenor) , Gplus (William Moreno Reyes)

My Software:

Distro: Fedora

Release: 17

Desktop: KDE

Music Player: Amarok

Video Player: VLC

Office: LibreOffice

Web: Chrome

Mail: Kmail

Chat: Kopete

What I do at Fedora:

I like to make some loud in Social Networks like Facebook and Google+. Also I like to write about Fedora at my blog (nothing avanced yet). And I have maked some video tutorials about Fedora

I was accepted like am Ambassador from Nicaragua

--Williamjmorenor (talk) 19:07, 6 August 2012 (UTC)