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Will Woods

Hi, I'm Will Woods. I'm the leader for FedoraTesting. I'm going to be in charge of Fedora testing efforts both inside and outside of Red Hat. Exciting things lie ahead! You can email me at [[MailTo(] , or find me on the Freenode IRC network in #fedora-devel or #fedora-qa.

For the moment, here's some testing info:

  • ["QA"] is the starting point for most QA activity.
  • BugZappers is a Fedora Project to triage bug reports and be the bridge between users and developers.
  • A quick intro to Fedora development (aka rawhide) testing can be found in ["Testing"] .
  • ["QA/Beaker"] is the page for the Beaker project, which will be an automated test system for Fedora.
  • We try to hold QA meetings fairly regularly. check the #fedora-meeting schedule for the time and date.
  • I'm trying to maintain a blog about the exciting world of Fedora Testing: