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About Me : Wwy

  • Language : English, Bengali, Hindi
  • Present address : Kolkata
  • Place of Birth : Kolkata
  • Profession or Student status: Student
  • About Me: I studied BSc Computer Science (HONS) and I am Pursuing my MCA and I worked all my Student career in the industry oriented languages and Android application development programmes. I am very much interested in open source programming and its development. I have been a part of Mozilla open source and i have attended all the events organized by the same.

What I do in Fedora

  • I wish to contribute at fedora project.
  • I like the work for fedora project and how anybody can be involed an deliver a great input for the project
  • I would like to become the part of this fedora community.
  • Improve my localization skills in a great project like fedora project and to bring a change in the development and to be a part of its global growth.


  • email / g+ :