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I am a Fedora enthusiast, coming from ohter distros. Using linux since 2003, starting with Ubuntu, switched to Fedora since 2014. I assist to FUDCon Valencia 2012, and help a little bit with logistic and supporting the speakers. I like to make scripts, and now learning some python.

General Information

Main distro: Fedora 28

Installed/Owned machines: 4 Desktops and 2 Servers

Desktop: Cinnamon

Working Teams:


Fedora Badges (72)

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Personal Information

Eduard "x3mboy" Lucena

B-day: June 27


  • Spanish (native)
  • English (Advanced)


Skype: eduardlucena

Twitter: @x3m

Website: X3M Spot

Flickr: X3MBoy Flicker