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Name: Ishan Sinha

Country: India

I am a Certified Ethical Hacker, License Penetration Tester, RedHat Certified Engineer, RedHat Certified System Administrator and Cisco Certified Network Administrator. I am a researcher in Linux Operating system kernel internals spreading awareness about Fedora Linux Operating system, I give training sessions in various colleges and universities about fedora linux, hacking, penetration testing, cloud computing, perl, python, android programming, network and network security essentials. Developing packages to enhance the penetration testing tool set of fedora linux is my ultimate aim which i research in Fedora Linux.

Training and Awareness sessions undertaken:

  • Cyber security and penetration testing at Appin Technologies Lab, 2010 Delhi.
  • Awareness sessions on Fedora Linux Operating system in IMS college, noida 2011.
  • Awareness sessions on Network Security and Linux OS in MTIM 2011.
  • Training Sessions on penetration testing at Appin ghaziabad 2012.
  • Perl training at NIIT 2011.
  • Python training at NIIT 2012.
  • Penetration Testing at Parliament of Singapore 2012.
  • Fedora Linux and perl programming at Cyber Security Cell Appin Technologies 2011.
  • Fedora Linux and Ethical Hacking training and awareness sessions at IIET education Ghaziabad 2012.
  • Researcher in complete Fedora Linux administration.
  • Researcher in complete linux OS internals kernel.

Aim: To design and develop rpm based packages for Fedora. Fedora rocks :)



Fedora Account: ishansinha

Phone: +91-9711354546