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Fedora Infrastructure Wiki Rewrite

This page is a sandbox for the the rewriting of the fedora infrastructure wiki

Infrastructure InfrastructureTeamN1.png

The Infrastructure Team consists of dedicated volunteers and professionals managing the servers, building the tools and utilities, and creating new applications to make Fedora development a smoother process.

We're located all over the globe and communicate primarily by IRC and e-mail.

Contributing Roles in the Infrastructure Project

Contributing roles
These are only suggestions for contributing roles. Only your imagination sets the limits.


The officers list is an attempt to bring more order and ownership to the Fedora Infrastructure.

Who is responsible ?

Infrastructure Lead Kevin Fenzi
Build System/Package Manager Dennis Gilmore
Security Officer Luke Macken
Development Manager Toshio Kuratomi

How to contact the Infrastructure team

Mailing list: infrastructure
Visit this link to sign up for the email list for the Infrastructure team.
Chat: #fedora-admin[?]
This is where real-time chat with Infrastructure team members happens.


What is the infrastructure Team ?
Our Architecture
Getting started!
Fedora User and Developer Conference (FUDCon)
Bugs and Requests
More asked questions