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Yader Velásquez

I'm system engineer student, GNU-Linux's user and Fedora fan. I began using another linux distribution but i have found Fedora and i really enjoy it. I would like to be a programmer and of course, a Fedora developer in the future. I like the classic guitar, some sports like soccer and boxing and the literature.

Soy estudiante de ingeniería de sistemas, usuario de Gnu/linux y fan de Fedora. Empecé usando otra distribución de linux pero he encontrado Fedora y estoy verdaderamente contento. En un futuro me gustaría dedicarme a la programación y ser un desarrollador de Fedora. Me gusta la guitarra clásica, algunos deportes como el fútbol y boxeo, y la literatura.


  • Location Managua, Nicaragua.
  • Birthplace Somoto, Madriz.
  • Languages Español, English(just a little bit).


Gnu Linux information

  • Distribution Fedora 10.
  • Desktop Environmemt Kde 4.2

How can I help to Fedora??

I pretend be a ambassadors very soon for participate in the community and join in another areas. In the future i want to participate in the develope team, well i hope.