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== Tasks ==
== Tasks ==
* Editor of [[ Fedora-ni wiki]]
* Editor of [[ Fedora-ni wiki]]
* Support at the [[ Fedora-ni Mailing List]]
* Support at the [[ Fedora-ni Mailing List]] and Fedora-es Mailing List
== Projects as an Ambassador ==
== Projects as an Ambassador ==

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Yn1v: Neville A. Cross

Neville A. Cross

I am Admnistrative Manager at [Hotel Mansion Teodolinda] at Managua city, capital of Nicaragua. I have a business degree, so I am not a deep knowledgeable computer person. I am a Amateur Radio since 1993, and a enthusiast on packet radio. By now I have a license of the highest level.

My very first attempts with linux were with Red Hat around 1999, I had several hardware problems and leave it for some years. I took a book of FC4 bible in 2006 and have been using Fedora as my main OS ever since.

There is no much Linux formal training opportunities at Nicaragua, so I took a short course in Linux Server Administration based on openSUSE (May - June 2008). This helped me a lot to fill in where my empiric learning have left voids.

I have joined the local Fedora community called [Fedora-ni] on march 2008. By the same time I have joined the local LUG: GUL-NIC (Grupo de usuarios Linux de Nicaragua).


  • Location: Managua, Nicaragua. 1206.29 N / 08615.91 W
  • Time Zone: UTC +06:00
  • Languages: Spanish (first language), English (as second language), Portuguese (just a bit).
  • Nacionality: Nicaraguan
  • Higer Education:
  • Call Sing:YN1V (for Amateur Radio)

Contact Data


Projects as an Ambassador

  • Promote a monthly gathering where users that get Fedora installed from different install parties can get support.
  • Set up a local repository at Nicaragua. In the mean time set up a private repository for updates a give access to users that do not have internet and also to be used at install parties without internet access.
  • Participate in the Free Media Program

Fedora Upcoming Activities

Fedora Past Activities


FOSS Projects

  • Set up a wiki to share instructions for setting up linux for amateur radio use. Specially the topics related to AX.25.
  • Set up a local forum to provide support for [GNUCash]

FOSS Upcoming Activities

  • November 22th and 29th Repo Workshop at [UCA]
  • December 19th Pizza Bash at [ISI Managua]

FOSS Past Activities

  • April 26th [FLISOL 2008] at UNAN
    • Registration Desk
  • May 23th Linux Tour at [ISI Managua]
    • Support
  • June 4th to 6th Feria Tecnologica at UNAN-Managua
    • Support
  • June 5th Jornada Ubuntera at [UCA]
    • Provide a projector
  • June 12th Jornada Ubuntera at [UCA]
    • Speach
    • Provide Projector
  • June 14th Mandriva Install Party 2008 at UNI-IES
    • Support
    • Provide Projector
  • June 20th openSUSE day at UNICIT
    • Support
  • August 14th Dia Debian 2008 at UNI-IES
    • Provide a projector
  • September 20th [Software Freedom Day Nicaragua 2008] at [UCA]
    • Staff - Coordinate the conference area.
  • September 26th [Ubuntu Barcamp 1.5]
    • Drinker