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December 3rd, 2009. From 14:00 to 17:00 (-6 GMT)


Universidad Centroamericana, Managua, Nicaragua


  • All Public


  • Conferences
  • Install Fest
  • Workstations for demostrations.
  • LiveUSB creation
  • Fedora Media distribution: Install DVD (25), LiveCD KDE (15), LiveCD Gnome (15)
  • Fedora Flyer with information
  • Fedora Stickers
  • Fedora t-shirts


Time Topic Name
2:30pm What is Fedora Project? Neville A. Cross
3:00pm How to contribute with Fedora? Yader Velásquez
3:30pm What's new on Fedora 12? Joel Dávila
4:00pm Changing the world - Women in Free Software Victoria Zeledón



We gave 6 T-Shirts to those who answered questions at conferences. At the door we have stickers for free and a leaflet with info regarding Fedora. Disks were distributed for free, all what people have to do is to sing name and email. We have two work station for demo, one with KDE and another with Gnome. There was one install, but no one requested LiveUSB creation. The peak attendance was 36 people.

Victoria gave us a talk about gender and free software. She belongs to Central American's women group and she is member of the local Debian group. We like this initiative and try to help the most with it.

Fedora Nicaragua gave a symbolic ticket containing login url, admin user and admin pass to a domain and host for GULUCA (the Central American Univesity LUG).

At the end, we have a informal gathering with members of GULUCA and people helping us to organize this event. We shared some donuts and sodas.


Neville's Picasa Album

Event coordinators: Yader Velázquez and Neville Cross

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