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I requested to have some swag for Flisol, specially media. Taking advantage of being part of Marketing FAD, I received some swag that was available at Red Hat offices. Some part of the swag came from NA event box. The table below describes how that swag was distributed among Central American countries.

Swag Total Guatemala EL Salvador Nicaragua Panama
Fedora Buttons 6 1 1 3 1
Temporary Tatoos 55 5 15 20 15
Strips of case badges 33 1 10 12 10
F12 Live Media 75 7 22 24 22
F12 DVD i386 51 5 15 16 15
F12 DVD x86_64 45 4 13 15 13

For good and bad, I wasn't selected for random bags check at custom when arrived to Nicaragua. The down side is that there is not first hand experience of how custom will handle media. José Edgardo López is travelling to Panama this weekend by bus. He will take swag for Panama and Guatemala with him, as he is going to meet people from both countries there. It will be up to him if he takes at this time swag for El Salvador or if he does later, on his way back home.