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Gaurav Agrawal

hello to all fedora n open source crazy pplz....

Here is a second year student of electronics and communication engineering who loves working on fedora!!!

started only sometimes ago...i got my intrest deepen in fedora... Besides intrest in fedora and open source i am topper in my acedmic records too!!!!

I fell excited to talk to my peers , juniors and seniors telling them about the concept of open source , what fedora is...and beat part of it that u can modify it as u wish , that is u need not not to wait for bugfixes or patches or updates..... As an ambassador of fedora i will firstly introduce ppl at my place (Kota->Rajasthan->India)about what fedora in my place allmost all the computer users makes use of only single os that is windows because they dont know abou what fedora or other os are!!! Secondly i will try my best to implement fedora os at our college computer laboratory as one of the os we linux , telnet and others.... helping ppl getting fedora dvds and helping them out in instaliing and using Fedora!!! One of the task may include to make a community in city whwre all local fedora lovers can come on and share thier problems, viewsan d suggestions for further improvement.