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Martín Josemaría
Personal information
Location: Lima, Perú
Birthday: 07/10/1990
Contact information
GitHub: zodiacfireworks
GitLab: zodiacfireworks

Fedora-specific information
FAS name: zodiacfireworks
Fedora e-mail:
Fedora homepage:

Hi! My name is Martin Josemaría, I'm from Peru and I have been working with Fedora since 2010. In this time I have been using Fedora to do some research in physics and maths as part of my work as physicist. I'm also software developer and fedora is my default operating system to do my work. At home, also my mom, use Fedora.

In the time I have used fedora I introduced it to many people in my academic environment and in my daily life. After many years doing this work outside the Fedora community, I became part and member of Fedora comunity when @yulytas invited me to take part of FUDCON with an speach. Together with @yulytas, we made a lot of events, some of then are listed below.

  • Hack Camp - Fedora and GNOME
  • Linux At UNI
  • Linux Beach

I also have participated in some conferences where I have showed how I use Fedora to do my researches in sciences and my works in software development.

I'm doing all those things because it's fun to invite people to use Fedora and make them part of the community to be not alone working and to share the knowledge. I hope to become a Fedora Ambassor here in Peru a the near future. I also want to be contributor in Fedora Scientific Labs.

If you want to see some of my works feel free check my github.