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* FSF Free Software Conference BUD, University of Technology and Economy (BME) - 12.11.2011. - as ambassador, booth supporter
* FSF Free Software Conference BUD, University of Technology and Economy (BME) - 12.11.2011. - as ambassador, booth supporter
* FOSDEM at Brussel - 2012. febr. ULB Solbush Campus as ambassador, visitor
* FOSDEM at Brussel - 2012. febr. ULB Solbush Campus as ambassador, visitor
* Linuxwochen Vienna and Linux Graphics Meeting - 2012.may 1-6. FH Technikum Vienna, Vienna - ambassador, booth supporter, speaker
=== Upcoming events / Under sheduling: ===
=== Upcoming events / Under sheduling: ===

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Zoltan Hoppar
Zoltan Hoppar
Personal Information
Birthday: 1978.05.25
Home: Szigethy A. str. 62., H-9023 Győr, Hungary
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: zoltanh721
Miscellaneous Information
private Mail:
GPG-Key: 06853DF7
IRC: zoltanh7211 on Freenode in
#fedora #fedora-ambassadors #fedora-meeting #fedora-hu
Badges (31)

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My name is Zoltan Hoppar from Hungary, 32 years old. I live in Győr. I'm one of the founders of the hungarian PCLOS community, an small HULUG (PCLinuxOS Hungary[1] - were 5 years online, RIP now), and the first common open linux forum for aiding beginner hungarian linux users the Linux Empire[2]. This is as an integrated info center, around linux, and OSS theme. The site general in content, and applies also the old presentations/meetings experiences (with Debian, Gentoo, PCLOS) what the team has made in different schools a few years ago in some city. (Debrecen, Pápa, a.s.o). Currently this small HULUG tries to create an constant community, and expand locally.

I've got interested on linux after fed up with many troubles of MS Windows, and needed an easy, stable, nearly fast learnable OS. Basically looked just for hassle free localization platform, an complete translation system what is locally usable without huge risk of data loss for MS Windows programs. But later decided, (it was much better experience) that I will keep one or two of my favourite distributions, without dual booting Windows. I saw that in free world much needed to have a translator, and give people aid about/around linux. So, the journey has so begun... Dropped the hassle and MS Windows.

In the beginning it was only PCLOS 2007 (PCLOS were at that time an english only distro, witch made me very happy to be the first HU translator there). But after committing delays, and other community leading problems - after 2 years -, this has been changed to Fedora, at first time to Fedora 8. (For a short time, when getting acquainted was Fedora 7 too). After that, I have used as primary system only Fedora (9 till always to the current) - because of much better filled, and fills currently my dream. What dream? To have an fully international/localized, innovative, easy-to-use desktop distribution anyone who needs...without restriction on any platform.

Mostly I did, and do localization (l10n) work, EN-Hu, DE-Hu translations in many linux distributions, applications, projects, websites (Unity, Austrumi [3], Ubuntu, Gnome, KDE, Nathive [4], Browsershots [5], Findicons [6] and many more...). I love several translation platforms, but my favourite is Transifex. Translation is my passion since very-very long time - because of who couldn't speak, but want to be creative - this problem must not block, or keep anyone away. This is why I'm wanted to be an contributor in Fedora. Lately, I have noticed that we need an representative for Hungary, who makes presentations, or aids people and shows, to get better picture around Fedora, and around other FOSS softwares - so I have applied to be an Fedora Ambassador. I love to help, and aid people.

Currently I'm working for Nokia, but in my free time just linux, support chats, meetings, presentations, translations, friends, movies and girls, and anything what life could give. No exceptions. :)


Other Contacts

  • MSN:
  • Skype: zoltanh721
  • GPG key: 06853DF7
  • Mobile Phone: to have the number - ask on IRC, or if you need asap - zoltanh721 at gmail dot com, call you back
  • Häxor name: z0lt4ñH
  • Snailmail: same as on the right

Activities within Fedora


  • I'm a l10n translator. I mainly decided to become one because there are lot of open source software outside wich has worth it to be localised. I think all of it must be in Fedora, and should be reachable for anyone, with understandable language easily for who looks for it.
  • If you find some program that you'd like to see translated for Fedora shoot me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do.


  • I have also applied to be an Hungarian Fedora Ambassador, an representative of Fedora - because of not much big computer shows offering knowledge for people, and possible new customers/users/contributors.

This is my second dream, as far as I know the old big trade/meeting shows like Compfair/Info shows has disappeared at least a decade ago. Well, If you need some info about Fedora, want to contribute or just want to have an good contact, need a free disc, want to know more of my talks, meetings - drop me a mail, or call me. I'm open to every idea.


  • Fedora Electronic Lab group (with interest of MIPS/ARM arch)
  • Fedora Medical group (interest: ER kit)
  • Fedora Security Lab group (interest of security, package selections, password security, mobile security, data mining)

Swag Research

  • I have begun an research to release and create better, and cheap marketing/merchandising tools for our contributors, and our fedora booths. For that I try to get contacted with artists, and get cheaper tools to Fedora gain more attention. For secondary target I try to expand our art design team with contributors.

I have made Fedora desk flags, and some T shirt samples. Also button designs with Nicu in the past.

Fedora HULUG community site

  • I have made efforts to create our very first hungarian community page, where we try to pull every Fedora user around it, and resurrect the communities around in other countries. We hope we receive a huge help from users, by users, for users. The first community page for Hungary is active. Building out services, and and gathering old and new users, we are proud to we have achieved. We would like to thank you the support from our users, and from the community, and the community domain from Red Hat. The official landing page can be reached 24/7 at or from at the EMEA section.


I have applied to be the member of FAmSco in 2011. To work out new ways, and stabilise the flow within EMEA. Hopefully I can do more for the whole community.

Fedora Video Team

I'm assisting at the Video / Marketing team with wiki editing, and working togeteher to move forward the activities. We hope this will affect to the people to create new waves, and interest. i also experimenting with video editing tools, to create educational videos and some advertising/ marketing clips for Fedora.


Events so far:

  • FSF Conference at BUD, University of Technology and Economy (BME) - 2009. oct. as ambassador, booth supporter
  • FAD 'Fedora Cafe' at Győr - 2009. nov. 20. - Plaza Győr - as organiser, speaker
  • FOSDEM at Brussel - 2010. febr. ULB Solbush Campus as visitor, booth supporter
  • Linuxwochen, Vienna - 2010. may. - Altes Rathaus as ambassador, booth supporter
  • FUDCon Zurich ETH - 2010. sept. 16-20. as ambassador, booth supporter, swag creator
  • Linux Free Software Conference (Open Source Lab - IT Center), Szeged - 2010. okt. 8. as ambassador, booth supporter, speaker
  • FOSDEM at Brussel - 2011. febr. ULB Solbush Campus as ambassador, booth supporter
  • Linuxwochen, Vienna - 2011. may. 5-7. Altes Rathaus as ambassador, booth supporter, speaker
  • Fedora F15 "Lovelock" FAD and release party - 2011. 05.28. - Gerand Hotel Touring, BUD - ambassador, organiser, speaker, swag creator
  • Fedora Round Table Hungary BUD - 2011. aug. 27. - Hotel Griff - ambassador, organiser, speaker
  • Linux Free Software Conference (OSOL - IT Center), Szeged - 2011. sept. 23. - ambassador, booth supporter, speaker
  • Fudcon Milan - 2011 sept. 30. - okt. 2. - as ambassador
  • FSF Free Software Conference BUD, University of Technology and Economy (BME) - 12.11.2011. - as ambassador, booth supporter
  • FOSDEM at Brussel - 2012. febr. ULB Solbush Campus as ambassador, visitor
  • Linuxwochen Vienna and Linux Graphics Meeting - 2012.may 1-6. FH Technikum Vienna, Vienna - ambassador, booth supporter, speaker

Upcoming events / Under sheduling:

  • Linuxwochen Vienna and Linux Graphics Meeting - 2012.may - under preparation
  • Fedora Kids Tour BUD - First series of events to meet with High School Kids and introduce Fedora, and the open source movement (under preparation)
  • Fedora goes to Embassy of African states - We have several contacts with African states, we try to reach and have help through them reach our ambassadors, and build an strong contact, through Fedora (contact at NPO called
  • Fedora Round table - around 2012 May / June / July - Continue of the earlier FAD, and planning for Hungary
  • Install party / Festivals in schedule (Infosavaria Szombathely, Festival Hegyalja)