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|irc-channels= #fedora-zh, #openshift
|irc-channels= #fedora-zh, #openshift

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Zamir SUN
[[Image:{{{image}}}|center|250px|Zamir SUN]]
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IRC nick: zsun
IRC channels: #fedora-zh, #openshift
Fedorapeople page: https://{{{FAS-NAME}}}
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I am 孙子谦, known as Zamir SUN here in fedora community. I am a student majors in Computer Science. Now I am interested in Cloud computing and network engineering,etc.



  • Professional certification as RHCE, Network Engineer (Certificated by MOHRSS,China)
  • Language: Chinese (Mother tounge), English (Fluent)
  • Tell By Asking :)
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I have been an intern in PHPChina as an PHP developer in 2011, and Quality Assurance Intern in Red Hat (Beijing) from Dec,2012 to Mar,2013. I helps with server maintain at school. I used to be the vice Chairman of Networking Engineering Associate (a student's society) of our school for a year and then became Chairman of IT Club of our school for a year and a half.

Plans in 2014

I am willing to help with the Chinese Translation team of fedoraproject. And I want to learn about the Infrastructure issue. Besides, I'll

  • attend more Fedora related events,
  • help with the fedora-zh community,
  • help with FUDCon Beijing 2014.

And I'd like to

  • introduce Fedora when dealing with computer problems,
  • help install Fedora for someone interested,
  • other things when I remember ;-)