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Cry Freedom

My Name is Dr. Gordon Dunlop and my Ph.D. is in Environmental Physiology/Genetics. My thesis is entitled "Linking Germination Traits of Oilseed Rape (Brassica napus L.) to DNA Markers". So I am an academic and scientist. I have also a MSc. Information Technology where my master's dissertation was "Evaluating the Performance and Potential of Para- and Paene- Virtualisation Technologies in a Linux Beowulf Cluster".

I have been a Unix/Linux user for many years, still learning and trying to put back into the community at large. I use Fedora through personal choice as I believe it is the cutting edge of Linux distrobutions and I feel comfortable with it.


  • Email:
  • LUG-Email:
  • Fedora Account: Zubenel


  • I am the Administrator or LUGMaster of Dundee & Tayside Linux User Group: Our mailing list is at:

We try to promote at the University about Linux and free and open source software. We had a very successfull Software Freedom Day:,1000000567,10009347o-2000469549b,00.htm The Itinery is here: .

  • The most fascinating Fedora project that I have ever seen is the POSSE project:


  • To promote Fedora/CentOS/Scientific Linux/Redhat as a Desktop/Server/Enterprise solution to proprietary software.
  • To cultivate and promote the Linux Infrastructure within my country of Scotland.
  • To get actively involved in the POSSE project so that the aims and ideals can be implemented within Scotland and the United Kingdom