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Cry Freedom

My Name is Dr. Gordon Dunlop and I am the Administrator or LUGMaster of Dundee & Tayside Linux User Group: This website is down due to the reorganization of the United kingdom Linux User Group servers which should be up and running soon. Our mailing list is at: We meet at The University of Abertay Dundee fortnightly as the Abertay Linux Society. website: We try to promote at the University about Linux and free and open source software, I am a Fedora user, the cutting edge of all Linux distributions, but we have to stick together, irrespective of Linux distribution preferences, to promote Linux. Within the United Kingdom we are being brainwashed with proprietary software products and we are trying to change this. We had a very successful Software Freedom Day:,1000000567,10009347o-2000469549b,00.htm The Itinery is here:: So we are trying our best