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Welcome to the Fedora 12 User Guide! This guide is intended for users who have a working Fedora 12 system and are able to use a mouse and keyboard.

This guide describes:

  • The different desktop environments available to a Fedora user
  • How to login to a Fedora desktop
  • The layout of two main Fedora desktops, GNOME and KDE
  • How to use the file and system navigator
  • How to use the e-mail client
  • How to use the instant messenger client
  • How to use the web browser
  • How to use the office suite
  • How to customize your Fedora desktop
  • How to manage and update software

This guide is not, however, a replacement for the documentation included on your system for individual programs. This guide can give you a brief overview of some basic tasks, but you need to read the documentation provided by each application for more in-depth coverage of specific tasks. This documentation can usually be found at the Help > Contents entry in an application's menu, or by pressing [F1]. Help for console applications can be found by typing

man program-name

in a terminal, where program-name is the application you want to view the manual for.

About this Document

Volunteer contributors from the Fedora Documentation Project create this guide for each release of Fedora. If you have questions or suggestions about Fedora's documentation, or if you would like to help document Fedora, please visit the Fedora Documentation Project web site.

For assistance installing Fedora 10, please read the Installation Guide:

Thank you for choosing Fedora.

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