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This section of the User Guide describes how to log in (or authenticate) to your Fedora system graphically and at a command line interface. The section concludes with an advanced discussion of the booting process and how to customize the way in which your computer prepares for use.

Logging into a Desktop

After the computer has booted, the system will display a list of users' names. These are the users who can log in to the system. To select your name, either:

  1. Click on your name in the list, or
  2. Type your name or username and press [Enter].

Once your name has been selected, you will need to authenticate. Type your password in the provided text box and press [Enter] to log in.

Alternatively, you can authenticate using a fingerprint scanner. Before using this feature, you must set it up from within your desktop environment - this means that you must login with a password for your first login. For more information on setting up biometric scanners, GO TO THIS LINK.

If your authentication information was correct, you will now log in to a desktop environment. Desktop environments will be discussed in-depth in this guide's proceeding sections.