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It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on the information on this page.

The user base of Fedora has many aspects. Many people who contribute to Fedora representative of only a small cross-section of this user base. Fedora contributors understand that, while they are valued and important as Fedora community members, they may not be representative of a very large class of users who may find free software serves their needs as well. By understanding the nature of this larger class we can make good decisions about how to make Fedora work well for as many people as possible, including ourselves.

The Board considers these aspects applicable to the work of the entire Fedora Project. The Board will encourage process changes where appropriate to ensure we are meeting the needs of as many members of this class as possible.

You may find yourself fitting into one or more of these categories, in which case, welcome to our user base.

These four characteristics describe a large class of users, which is a superset of the contributor base. For example, package maintainers who contribute actively and regularly to Fedora are more than just computer-friendly. They have a high level of technical skill beyond that of the general user base. While they may use their systems for general productivity use, they also use them for specific technical domain work, for Fedora packaging among other tasks.