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Fedora Common Lisp Special Interest Group (CL SIG)

If you're interested in joining as co-lead or regular contributor, please add yourself here:


Common Lisp (CL) is an ANSI-standardized dialect of the Lisp programming languages family, modeled after the Lisp-2 entitled approach of separated namespaces for function names and data variables. There are numerous implementations of CL, most of them being Free Software and available for GNU/Linux, some but not all for Fedora at the time of writing.

Mission Statement (WIP)

Who the new project would serve?

Common Lisp hackers that Fedora is currently lacking almost completely due to miserable support, opening the community for growth in an area that has almost been ignored so far. Those people will benefit from well-defined, now-incomplete packaging processes for CL libraries and applications, more available and up-to-date CL implementations, faster rates of finishing new package process cycles and the powers of the best distro and the mightiest programming language known to mankind combined.

Resources and References