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FOSS Introduction day.

Tag line:-

"Where Piracy meets Fedora and FOSS!"

"More software licensing ? It's time for choices !"


To open up choices to End-User (non-technical) that there's is another legitimate way of computing free from proprietary licensing binding, truly FREEDOM - USE FEDORA and FOSS.

Target Audience:-

1. Non technical End-User that of all ages from 10 onwards.

2. End-User whom uses PDF, Document, Spreadsheet, Power-point, Internet-web browser, email, photoshop etc.

3. english and Chinese speaking


1. depending on the room size rented - max 20 heads.


1. Fedora Core 9 DVD


Date = Either Nov'2008 (Fri or Sat)

Time = 10am - 5:30pm (Tea/coffe and lunch provided)


1. Ingram Micro (provide training rooms)

2. either HP (provide Printer, laptop and Desktop) We'll using the provided for the FOSS Demo.

Note: This page serve as a Draft/Brief for the FOSS even. Further detail yet to be confirmed.