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For a discussion, let me say that I am available to promote Fedora and to also do some testing of new releases.

To promote Fedora in Montreal, I would need to post Fedora advantages on facebook, or the local Linux User group (, an invitation to attend the next release.

I can burn a few DVDs for handouts. Ideally, some "PowerPoint" slides about Fedora 18, and some slides comparing Gnome to KDE or XFCE would be three foils.

After that, if there are some foils (Powerpoint equivalents) to describe Fedora benefits and some category contents. This means, what the use could find in names, programming, graphics, business, database, etc. -- the categories as posted in add/remove software is a good starting point.

Finally, why choose Fedora and not another distribution such as Ubuntu, Mint or SUSE.

This latter part is a hard sell, as the alternatives are available with full codecs, flash, etc.

Last but not least, a simple how-to. Start Firefox, email, chat, irc. Dropbox and respond to the interests of the attendees.

Oh yes, I can do all in French or English. In Canada, with the help of others, I can produce a spin with all legal codecs, flash, etc installed. Having this full system for the home user, will ease the resistance to people to install Fedora.