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idea for new video

Hy Mel,

just saw the video together with max, paul, karsten, etc. and have a good idea (according to the one from i think asamaras ( ? ) about case study: maybe you guys at RH or somwhere else can do some video footage/Interview about "what have you on your computer installed?" so the community can see actual wich Office Tools you are using, what Note taking Tools, how your Desktop looks like, etc. I think we have some while ago such a task over the mailinglist or on planet (I remember mizo wrote something in that style...) but it was more textbased, etc. Now we have more "multimedia" things ongoing.

Also I'm interrested in the video setup you have there at the RH-Office and/or what Tools the "Media Crew" is using there... (this could be on wiki).

So far, so good ;-) Hope that ideas are ok with you and it is not to much input (I read that you are on a plane traveling...).

to be continued ...

best regards Henrik Heig - aka wonderer @

P.S.: Do we have BIG Fedora Coffee Mugs for our MKTG-FAD *lol*