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== Warning about "UNetbootin May Not Work" ==
Hi Paul, I see you have placed a warning on the top of the "How to create and use Live USB" page that says "The Fedora Project has received numerous reports relating to using Fedora Live USB keys made with unetbootin. You may want to use the official livecd-tools or liveusb-creator referenced above to make Fedora Live USB keys". I (the upstream maintainer of UNetbootin) haven't heard of any such reports recently. Is this warning still valid with current versions, and if yes, where can I see these reports (there are only 2 reports at neither of which are reproducible on the current version)? Thanks. [[User:Gezakovacs|Gezakovacs]] 01:47, 30 April 2010 (UTC)
: Thanks for the prod -- I went sniffing around the wiki to find current information and found that our common bugs page has indeed [[Common_F12_bugs#Live_USB_sticks_created_with_unetbootin_do_not_work|been updated]], so I corrected that notice.  We're happy to see people make Fedora Live USB keys any way that works, and I thank you for the work you did to address any previous issues! --[[User:Pfrields|pfrields]] 03:21, 30 April 2010 (UTC)

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