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  • +1 for the nicununu ones. Bkearney
  • Although, I will still throw out that if I am Alfresco deploying a swanky appliance on Fedora.. do I think of it as a remix? I dont think so.Bkearney
    • In my understanding, the use of this logo is optional, so a derivative is not forced to say "remix", we just don't want him to say "based on" or "derived from" (NicuBuculei 12:36, 8 October 2008 (UTC))
      • I understand I may be subvirting the process. I see value in my scenario (Swanky Alfresco Appliance on Fedora.. aka SAAF) of saying that the appliance is built on an unmodified fedora. Bkearney
        • I am not sure if that appliance would differ radically from a "unmodified fedora" with a couple of libraries from rpmfusion on top. But I am sure Pfrields will enlighten us with insight from the legal side (NicuBuculei 13:10, 8 October 2008 (UTC))
          • Bkearney, you're not subverting the process. But protecting the meaning of "Fedora" -- i.e. the universe of software in our repositories -- is key to maintaining our trademark against confusion in the marketplace, as Legal has told us. Keep in mind that, assuming the current draft guidelines are approved, the use of the new mark is intended for people who don't want to seek permission. In the case of any particular appliance builder, they would still be free to seek approval for use of the actual Fedora trademarks -- that's not verboten, just non-automatic. And I agree with Nicu insofar as a "remix" can also be defined as something on top of otherwise stock Fedora. (Paul Frields 13:38, 8 Oct 2008 (UTC))
            • Pfrields: Ok.. so if I am a coprorate entity who wants to distribute an application "Based on" fedora, then there would be a process for me to come to the board and say "I am only adding new bits, not changing base bits. I would like to say my appliance includes fedora" (process to be defined later). Is that correct? If so, I will shut up :) Bkearney