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* Fedora Infrastructure Group
* Fedora Infrastructure Group
* Centos Development, s390x build
* Centos Development, s390x build
* [;a=tree;f=apps/pam_url;h=533b3beef45dced6101254ed78b760ae8ee04a99;hb=fab0936a725491648b4d55722b601d182670b668 pam_url] development
* [;a=tree;f=apps/pam_url pam_url] development
* [ serpent] development
* [ serpent] development
* CAcert WoT assurer
* CAcert WoT assurer

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About me


My name is Sascha Thomas Spreitzer and I live in the east of Munich\Bavaria\Germany. I have several hobbys and Unix is one of them. Here a list of my private efforts.

  • Fedora Infrastructure Group
  • Centos Development, s390x build
  • pam_url development
  • serpent development
  • CAcert WoT assurer

At work im responsible for several things and certified as well.

  • RedHat Certified Engineer (RHCE)
  • IBM AIX certified system administrator
  • IBM pSeries administrator
  • high availability expert (Redhat-,Sun-,AIX- Cluster)
  • Network Installation Management and OS deployment (IBM NIM, RedHat Kickstart, cfengine)
  • zVM and zLinux Engineer, pushing the old iron to new grounds

To contact me

You can always write me an email. The address is sspreitzer _(at)_ If you want to send me sensitive data, please use my PGP/GPG key. You might as well reach me at the IRC on freenode in the #fedora-admin channel. My nickname is sspreitzer. Please mind, if Im marked as away, I am really away.

To get assured

If you want me to assure you for the CAcert Web of Trust community, You can email me and schedule an appointment with me. I will be able to assure you on the following places:

  • Work Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm CEST.
  • Home Saturday and Sunday, 11am to 7pm CEST.

If your not able to visit me, state the reason in the email and I will visit you for the assurance.