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Revision as of 16:20, 10 April 2018 by Tablepc (talk | contribs) (Added a little more about what I'm doing.)

Well I have been in the QA group for a few weeks now. Mostly I have been running the standard test procedures on the nightly drops for F28 and running the canned regression tests on new versions of the Kernel. I've occasionally tested updates when I could recognize what a particular update was and had an idea how to test it. I've also done some tagging of packages.

For now I'm limiting my testing on fedora releases to Workstation Live because that is what I am familiar with as a user / maintainer (for a small group of users). I haven't had any use for VMs and I am quite familiar with PC hardware so I always do the testing on bare metal. I always use the delete all option on the disk drive.

If you'd like to comment or send some advice, please feel free to do so.