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It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on the information on this page.

~+ Using Internet Messenger +~

This page describes how to use Internet Messenger, installed by default on most Fedora systems, as an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client if you are a new user. It does not assume you have any experience with IRC. If you follow the steps in this document, you will be able to communicate in any of the Fedora chat areas online.

Setting Up Internet Messenger

The Internet Messenger application (also called gaim) supports IRC. To start it from the main menu, choose Applications -> Internet -> Internet Messenger.

Making an IRC Account

To set up an IRC account with Internet Messenger:

  1. From the Login screen, select Accounts, or from the Buddy List screen, select Tools -> Accounts from the menu bar.
  2. Select the Add button.
  3. Select IRC as the protocol, and choose a screen name.
  4. Select as the server.
  5. Select Save.

In the Accounts screen, You can now select the Online checkbox to go online in IRC. You can also select the Auto-login checkbox if you want to start IRC every time you start Internet Messenger.

When you login, the freenode server will send you a message informing you it has connected:

Received CTCP 'VERSION' (to <USERNAME>) from freenode-connect

Registering a Password

In the box with the freenode connection message above, register a password with the Nickname Server, or "NickServ". Type the following command in the input box at the bottom of the dialog:

/msg NickServ register <PASSWORD>

For <PASSWORD>, substitute a password of your choice. The NickServ will send you a message confirming your registration. It is a good idea to save this password in your account information:

  1. Open the Accounts page from the Buddy List window (select Tools -> Accounts again)
  2. Select your IRC account and select the Modify button
  3. Enter your password in the Password field
  4. Click Save password so that Internet Messenger will remember this password for future IRC sessions

Adding a Forum to Your Buddy List

To add a chat forum, such as #fedora, to your buddy list:

  1. In the Buddy List window, choose Buddies -> Add Chat...
  2. From the Account list, choose your IRC account
  3. In the Channel box, type the name of the forum, such as #fedora
  4. Select the Add button to add the forum.

Using IRC

Joining a Forum

To join a chat forum, double-click the forum name in your buddy list. You may receive several messages from the server as your Internet Messenger program successfully logs in with your password.

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IRC Help

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