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== Challenges Faced ==
== Links to other pages ==
* [[User:Woohuiren|Woo Huiren]]
** People do not care/understand about Free Software or importance of Linux. (Good narrative required to convince people)
* [[VFAD APAC 2019/events|Proposed Events]]
** Lack of contributors helping to organize events (Not enough people and lack of availability from existing contributors)
* [[VFAD APAC 2019/challenges|Challenges Faced]]

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  1. Our purpose is to... complete with the following primary goals:
    • Develop a strategy/plan for user and contributor growth in APAC
    • Budget planning for APAC (per country as well as the whole region) events/activities in FY2019 (March 2018 - February 2019)
    • Discuss challenges faced by individual Fedora Ambassadors or observed issues per country/timing
    • Future events in each country and the whole APAC
  2. In addition, we will attempt to complete the following secondary goals as time allows:
    • Feedback/comments from APAC Ambassadors
    • How to produce more centralized swag and distribute it

Date and Place

  1. Location: APAC
  2. Proposed Date: Sunday, 14 January 2018. (results:
  3. Place: Please join IRC chan #fedora-fad on, please read How to communicate on IRC
  4. Time: 9AM-6PM GMT+0800


Please feel free to add yourself to this list.

Name Country Availability
Woo Huiren Singapore
Your Name Here Example
Example Example

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