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Proposed Events

As of the new budget approval process, there is no requirement to do a forecast of your event to have it approved. It would be fantastic if you could please include your event into this list so that we know what is happening. Please remember that Fedora is a voluntary community and does not feed you/others.

Event Name Date Country Proposed Budget Spending Breakdown Other Resources Required Contributors Involved Remarks
Document Freedom Day 2018 2018 Q1 Singapore $40 USD Budget will be used for cake nil Woo Huiren Food and event location sponsor can be found. However, cake expenses need to be purchased by us.
code::XtremeApps 2018 Q3 Singapore $700 USD Budget will be used for purchase prizes used for sponsorship nil Woo Huiren Harish Pillay We intend to have a booth (free) and sponsor prizes related to contributing a software/plugin for a free software organization.
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