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If you're going to be away and you need someone to watch your packages and/or you want to let people know you won't be responding to email then add an entry here. Please remove your listing when you return.

Name Fedora Username Start Date Return Date Notes
Josh Boyer jwboyer 2013-12-20 2014-01-02
Kevin Fenzi kevin 2013-12-20 2014-01-06 Will be around for alerts and urgent matters.
Paul W. Frields pfrields 2013-12-20 2014-01-06 Vacation, sporadica access but intending to do mainly family stuff. Might be slow updating things but probably not completely absent.
Mikolaj Izdebski mizdebsk 2013-11-14 2013-12-01 In urgent cases contact Stanislav Ochotnicky.
Patrick Monnerat monnerat 2013-12-24 2014-01-13 Vacation, no internet.
Christopher Meng cicku 2013-12-06 2014-12-06 Other works, no time on packaging new stuffs. All tickets under reviewing are NotReady. Remained packages in pkgdb will still receive updates but may slower than regular.
Tomas Hozza thozza 2013-12-20 2014-01-05 Vacation, offline
  • Please keep sorted alphabetically by surname
  • Please use ISO-8601 dates (YYYY-MM-DD)