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Fedora 19 release video concept

SYNOPSYS: Fedora Scroedingers cat concept - Intro 4F Fedora Intro EN by TATICA

Synopsys: - An IRC window opening, and Scroedinger our Fedora user looking for his cat. As he is in panic, he can't answer properly to the admins that the cat is alive or not, and answers both, or he don't know. We are begin the search (terminal window records here), and we asking more help from the community (still terminal window records). The joined members are suggesting new features that we have to use to find the cat. (here can be , and such and more) The admins are asking help from the Fedora community, and people are begin to suggest features that we can find the cat. The end that we'll find the cat, and as ending the final screen closes the movie as "Schr. cat has been released. You have to find out that he's cat is still alive or dead. Who knows, maybe it's both:) "


- Intro (4F blender rendered) - Tatica - User named Scroedinger comes from the community and looking for his cat (terminal windows) - Community comes up with ideas that we should add to Fedora to find the cat - 'Cat has been found, It's trapped!' - cutscene, we have to show cat in a box. Another cutscene is

EVENTS, PRANKS: - At startup Schrödinger coming in, he wants to find his cat with Fedora, and we have to see his in panic tries as bash pranks like 'cat cat', or 'whereis cat', 'locate kitty-kitty'. Bash should answer back adequate, that contniues the story.