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Fedora 19 release video concept


Fedora Scroedingers cat concept release video

  • After INTRO
  • An black full screen terminal window opening: the user Scrödinger our Fedora user logs in to the Scientific Spin to make an experiment, but noticing that his beloved cat disappeared. As he can't find he's cat, falling into in panic, tries to find it locally, and then asks help from the community. Of course he can't answer properly to the admins that the cat is alive or not, and answers both, or don't know. He gives out the GEO-IP coordinates, and we are begin the search (terminal window records here), and the admins asking more help from the community (still terminal window records). The joined members are suggesting new features that we have to use to find/release the cat.
  • The end that we'll find the cat, and as ending the final screen closes the movie as "Schr. cat has been released. Find out that our cat is still alive or dead. Who knows, maybe it's both :) "


  • Intro (4F blender rendered) -4F Fedora animation Tatica
  • 1st part:
  • User named Scroedinger comes and looking for his cat (terminal windows)
  • Schrödinger asks help from Fedora admins, and then they from community (IRC). Community comes up with ideas that we should add as modification to Fedora to find the cat
    • Robotic spin as launching for broad search robots' text, (some terminal animation required)
    • 3d printing tools as we load an cat ball design, hoping that appears to his favourite toy
    • Jam Spin to produce his favourite "meow" music
  • 2nd part:
  • 'ALERT: Cat has been found, It's trapped!' - cutscene as robotic spin messaging back, we have to show cat in a box. Also another cutscene is needed that "Robotic spin Alert: ARMED TRAP. Timebomb is attached: Estimated remaining time is XXXX secs".
    • Security spin for hack, dismantle and stop the clock on the bomb, maybe hacking network to access unlocking computer
  • 3rd part:
    • Closing scene, Credits
  • Outro - TATICA same as intro, Fedora 4F blender animation


  • We meed good Creative Commons music
  • Possible candidates are:
  • (publically downloadable, but permission needed by author)


  • At startup Schrödinger as he wants to find his cat on his Scientific Spin, and we have to see his in panic tries as bash pranks like 'cat cat', or 'whereis cat', 'locate kitty-kitty'. Bash should answer back adequately, and that rolls forward the story.


  • Bash
  • Openshot
  • Audacity


  • In terminal window the user Scrödinger must be the logged user in prompt.
  • As decoration we need Scientific spin text in terminal (Scientific Spin V x.x then prompt)
  • As search begins we need multiple terminal windows to show started functions. It's enough just to have an terminal windows an mark it XX Spin, and decorate out.