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Vim is an open-source (licensed under its own "charityware" license), modal text editor written in C and its own Vim script (or VimL) language. It is one of the most popular text editors for Linux, and has been ported to every major operating system, including: AmigaOS, Linux, macOS, Windows NT and the BSDs. Being a modal text editor it is designed to be a more efficient text editor, allowing users to do everything without ever leaving the home row (on their keyboard). It has both a graphical version (or gVim) and a command-line version. It is in the official repositories of Fedora.

On Fedora, Vim (specifically the subpackage vim-minimal) is also used to provide /bin/vi.


To install Vim via DNF merely run:

sudo dnf install vim


On Fedora Vim comes with out-of-the-box syntax-highlighting (or colouring) support for most (if not every) popular computer language. It even has syntax-highlighting support for RPM spec files (which are used for building RPM packages).