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Old page
This page has been marked as "old", and likely contains content that is irrelevant or incorrect. If you can, please update this page. This page will be deleted if action is not taken.

This page isn't a firm commitment to actually do any of these items. Rather it is a list of things we think are important/useful to virtualization in Fedora going forward. Individual items may graduate to become official 'Features' against specific Fedora releases as they're fleshed out, others are too minor to designate as 'Features'.

Add stuff at will - though preferably with some rationale for why its important/relevant to Fedora...


  • serial console support for KVM - useful for debugging boot problems
  • USB hotplug/unplug for KVM & Xen drivers - nice for desktop integration to assign USB devs to guests
  • Kerberos / SASL authentication - helps integration into existing infrastructure & provides single-sign on Fedora 9 Proposed Feature
  • PolicyKit integration - console-helper must die Fedora 9 Proposed Feature
  • Secure migration - postponed from Fedora 8 features
  • Expand the types of virtualisation supported by virDomainBlockStats etc., add support for QEMU.
  • Ability to manage storage (LVM, files, disks, partitions, iSCSI) via libvirt APIs Fedora 9 Proposed Feature


  • Kill the network bridge script by default - doesn't play nicely with network manager
  • Stop XenD messing with network devices at startup - it should only touch devices it owns
  • Put xenstored TDB on tmpfs - cuts I/O overhead of xenstore & thus should improve performance



  • Option to put physical devices into a bridge - lets KVM and Xen guests easily bridge into physical network instead of NATing


  • IPv6 support - QEMU is one of few remaining ipv4 only apps in Fedora. Rest of virt stack is IPv6 enabled


See also

  • UI for USB hotplug/unplug - nice for desktop integration
  • PolicyKit integration - console-helper must die & shouldn't run as root Fedora 9 Proposed Feature
  • Migration - can view multiple hosts, so should be able to move VMs between them
  • Disk import - create a guest based off a pre-installed disk image
  • Diskless guests - create a guest which is always network booted - helps LTSP project


See also;file=TODO.virt-top

  • Monitor resources used by dom0 on behalf of the guests.
  • How much memory is a guest actually using?


P2V, V2V, V2P

virt-p2v exists already. Discussing some ideas about how to enhance it. And it needs more testing.

We don't have any real solution for V2V or V2P.