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The Vision Statement

The Fedora Project creates a world where

  • free culture is welcoming and widespread,
  • collaboration is commonplace, and
  • people control their content and devices.

Why a Vision Statement?

Many organizations choose to create a vision statement (along with a mission statement and set of core values) to help them with their strategic planning. (See the article on Strategic Planning for more details on a vision statement.)

In August 2010, the Fedora Board set out to create a vision statement for Fedora. They used a number of methods to gather input from the greater Fedora community, including IRC chat sessions, mailing lists, blog posts, and social networking. The Fedora Board then synthesized that input into a concise vision statement, and the vision statement was ratified by the Board on 04 October 2010.

Background and Rationale

The use of the term free culture here refers to producing Free Content in an open, collaborative environment. From discussion, many Board members felt that just software was too limiting.