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The live voting instance can be found at and the test instance at

The code base can be found at

Contact Information

Owner: Fedora Infrastructure Team

Contact: #fedora-admin, elections

Location: PHX Servers: app servers, bapp01, db02

Purpose: Provides a system for voting on Fedora matters

Creating a new election

Creating the election

Go to voting/admin/newe and fill in the form.

The "usefas" option results in candidate names being looked up as FAS usernames an displayed as their real name.

An alias should be added when creating a new election as this is used in the link on the page of listed elections on the frontpage.

Adding Candidates

A list of all elections (and their IDs) can be found at voting/admin/list_elections

Go to voting/admin/newc and fill in the form, using the id found through list_elections.

This will add extra candidates to the available list.

Who can vote

Before anyone can vote you need to manually alter the database to say which groups are permitted to vote in the election.

 insert into legalvoters(election_id, group_name) values(<ELECTION_ID>, '<GROUPNAME>');

There are 2 magic GROUPNAME strings that can be used

  • anycla - (any FAS group beginning cla_)
  • anyany - (any FAS group)

Modifying an Election

Changing the details of an Election

This currently requires direct editing of the database. (Elections table)

Removing a candidate

This currently requires direct editing of the database. (Candidates table)