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Warren is trying to do the foolish task of figuring out if Apple MAC address prefixes are unique between PPC and Intel Macs. Please e-mail wtogami at redhat dot com if you have anything new to add to the prefixes listed below. I especially want to know if you found a MAC address that upsets the trend.

Built-in Ethernet only! I only care about netboot, so wireless and add-on cards are not important here.


00:16:CB Macbook
00:17:F2 Macbook
00:1F:F3 Macbook


00:14:51 G5
00:0D:93 G5, G4 Powerbook, G4 iBook
00:0A:95 G5
00:03:93 G3 iBook, G4 tower
00:30:65 G3 iMac 400MHz