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* wordpress (bundled Flash)
* wordpress (bundled Flash)
=== echevemaster ==
=== echevemaster ===
* python-django-ckeditor (bundled Flash)
* python-django-ckeditor (bundled Flash)

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This page tracks individuals who deserve the Web Warrior badge and lists the tasks they performed to deserve them.


[edit] Unawarded

[edit] adamwill

  • owncloud (bundled Flash)
  • tinymce (bundled Flash)
  • wordpress (bundled Flash)

[edit] echevemaster

  • python-django-ckeditor (bundled Flash)

[edit] limb

  • gallery2 (bundled Flash)
  • gallery3 (bundled Flash)
  • moodle (bundled Flash)
  • roundcubemail (bundled Flash)

[edit] mkrizek

  • yourls (bundled Flash)

[edit] orion

  • ckeditor (bundled Flash)

[edit] remi

  • glpi (bundled Flash)
  • php-ezc-Graph (bundled Flash)

[edit] sharkcz

  • zabbix (bundled Flash)

[edit] toshio

  • loggerhead (bundled Flash)

[edit] volter

  • zabbix20 (bundled Flash)