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== Design mockups ==
== Site Sections ==
=== Spins (done) ===
* [[Website_redesign/Mockups/Spins.fpo | Spins.FPO Mockups]]
Owner: [[User:Duffy|Mo Duffy]]
=== Get.fpo (done) ===
* [[Website_redesign/Mockups/Get.fpo | Get.FPO Mockups]]
* [[Website_redesign/Mockups/Spins.fpo | Spins.FPO Mockups]]
=== Www.fpo ===
* [[Website_redesign/Mockups/Get.fpo | Get.FPO Mockups]]
* [[Website_redesign/Mockups/Www.fpo | Www.FPO Mockups]]
* [[Website_redesign/Mockups/Www.fpo | Www.FPO Mockups]]
=== ===
* [[Website_redesign/Mockups/ | Mockups]]
* [[Website_redesign/Mockups/ | Mockups]]
= Content Review =
'''Owner:'''  [[User:Schendje/FPOcontent/|Jef van Schendel (Schendje)]]
* [[User:Schendje/FPOcontent/ | Content Review of www.fpo]]
= Articles =
'''Owner:''' [[User:Ardchoille42/FPOcontent|Ian MacGregor (ardchoille)]]
== It's Better ==
To show how Fedora & FLOSS in general are better technologically.
=== Ideas ===
* Secure from the core up
* Fedora includes new technologies
== Your Life on Fedora / User Interviews ==
Interviews of actual Fedora users from different fields - maybe a student, a developer, a mom, etc. talking about how they use Fedora in their work, maybe with sidebars/highlights of the best-of-breed apps these users recommend.
=== Ideas ===
== Do It With Fedora ==
Author: tajidinabd
Kind of a crafty category, showing off fun projects you can make using Fedora, with a tutorial to accompany it.
=== Ideas ===
* Turn your friends into the Hulk using cheese!
* How to build beautiful color palettes for your home and wardrobe using agave
* Decorate your desktop with family photos using the GIMP
* Get organized and build a personal wiki using Gnote
=== History ===
=== History ===

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What's happening now

We've completed the and the redesigns; we are currently working on mockups for the new and


( Download SVG source for this diagram)


This is a project to redesign and that is being undertaken during the F12 release cycle by the Websites team with assistance from Design and Infrastructure.


Redesign the and sites in a way that fits the requirements. We will determine metrics for improvement during the feedback-gathering phases, but in general, we want more Fedora contributors, and our strategy for this is getting more Fedora users.

The Board's goals in the Website redesign are[1]:

  • To make Fedora fresh, attractive, and inclusive for potential participants and contributors
  • To more effectively promote a single instance of Fedora that satisfies the computing needs of the average person
  • To provide an improved showcase opportunity for Fedora spins created by the community

See Website redesign 2009 requirements for and design requirements.


Site Sections

Spins (done)

Get.fpo (done)




Website_redesign/Boneyard - Outdated content from this wiki page

Old Design

Old design for reference:


  1. Refer to notes here and here for more information.