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There was an extended feedback thread on the fedora-advisory-board list, discussing both pages.

The 2009-08-27 Board meeting was devoted to design feedback, also on both pages.

Out of scope, but related: a design discussion on the main Fedora Project webpage that brings up many of the same design goals.

Get.fp.o feedback

This task is owned by Mo Duffy.

See the survey, results, and discussion.

Spins.fp.o feedback

This task is owned by Mo Duffy.

Mo's blog has some discussion on the first proposed spins design.

Final design mockups

This task is owned by Mo Duffy.

Convert to html

This task is owned by Hiemanshu Sharma.

Sijis Aviles is driving heavily in the conversion of the get.fp.o site. Completion now expected for that site for F13 GA.

The main site implementation will start post-F13 GA.

Get on infrastructure

This task is owned by Ricky Zhou.