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== Sitemap ==
== Sitemap ==
[[Media:wwwredesign2009_getspo_sitemap.svg|SVG Source for Sitemap]]  
[[Media:wwwredesign2009_getspo_sitemap.svg|SVG Source for Sitemap]]
== Source ==
== Source ==

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Wwwredesign2009 getfpo sitemap.png SVG Source for Sitemap


All mockups are contained in the following source file:

SVG Source for all get.fpo mockups (last updated 5 Oct 2009)

Mockup Directory

General FPO Pages

More Download Options Tabs


Main Download Page

Getfpo-main-download 1.png

Download Finish Splash

Getfpo-downloadfinishsplash 1.png

More Options Download Tab: Desktops

Getfpo-download-desktops 1.png

More Options Download Tab: Architectures

Getfpo-download-arches 1.png

More Options Download Tab: Formats

Getfpo-download-formats 1.png

More Options Download Tab: Activities

Getfpo-download-activities 1.png