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* [[Media:get.fpo-new_formats.png | Formats tab]]
* [[Media:get.fpo-new_formats.png | Formats tab]]
* [[Media:get.fpo-new_desktops.png | Desktops tab]]
* [[Media:get.fpo-new_desktops.png | Desktops tab]]
* [[Media:get.fpo-new_activities.png | Activities tab]]
== Sitemap ==
== Sitemap ==

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[edit] About

The initial redesign launched with Fedora 13 in May 2010. Since the new website template was not ready for usage yet, we used the old template. Here are some screenshots of the site post-launch, taken in July 2010:

[edit] Sitemap

Wwwredesign2009 getfpo sitemap.png SVG Source for Sitemap

[edit] Source

All mockups are contained in the following source file:

SVG Source for all get.fpo mockups (last updated 5 Oct 2009)

[edit] Mockup Directory

[edit] General FPO Pages

[edit] More Download Options Tabs

[edit] Mockups

[edit] Main Download Page

Getfpo-main-download 1.png

[edit] Download Finish Splash

Getfpo-downloadfinishsplash 1.png

[edit] More Options Download Tab: Desktops

Getfpo-download-desktops 1.png

[edit] More Options Download Tab: Architectures

Getfpo-download-arches 1.png

[edit] More Options Download Tab: Formats

Getfpo-download-formats 1.png

[edit] More Options Download Tab: Activities

Getfpo-download-activities 1.png