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Wwwfpo-redesign-2010 sitemap.png

Download SVG source



All sources are in this file:

Download SVG source (last updated 23 Aug 2010)

Sources for the icons currently in use:

Download SVG source

1 - Front Page

Wwwfpo-redesign-2010 1b-frontpage.png

2 - About Fedora

3 - Features & Screenshots

Wwwfpo-redesign-2010 1-features.png

4 - Download

Main Download Screen

Wwwfpo-redesign-2010 4-download.png

Download Splash

Wwwfpo-redesign-2010 4-download-splash.png

Download Tab Template

Wwwfpo-redesign-2010 4-download-tab.png

5 - Help

Inkscape SVG Source

Helpfpo-redesign-2010 mockup2.png

6 - Tutorials

Wwwfpo-redesign-2010 6-tutorials.png

7 - Join/Community

From Jef van Schendel:

Inkscape SVG Source

Wwwfpo-redesign-2010 7-community.png

Slideshow Banners

To give an idea of what kind of content could go in the slideshow:

Wwwfpo-redesign-2010 1-frontpage-slideshow.png

3 - Features

Wwwfpo-redesign-2010 2-features.png

Archive Designs


Content Review

Owner: Jef van Schendel (Schendje)


Owner: Ian MacGregor (ardchoille)

What makes Fedora different?

To show how Fedora & FLOSS in general are better technologically, differentiates it from other distros and OSes. Done Content Completed


  • Secure from the core up Done Content Completed
  • Fedora includes new technologies Done Content Completed

Your Life on Fedora / User Interviews

Interviews of actual Fedora users from different fields - maybe a student, a developer, a mom, etc. talking about how they use Fedora in their work, maybe with sidebars/highlights of the best-of-breed apps these users recommend.


Do It With Fedora

Kind of a crafty category, showing off fun projects you can make using Fedora, with a tutorial to accompany it.


  • Build beautiful color palettes for your home and wardrobe Agave Tutorial Completed
  • Automatically upload your files to a backup drive every week (crontab)
  • Access your favorite apps with one click custom desktop launchers Tutorial Completed
  • Decorate your desktop with family photos (Gimp tutorial)
  • Get organized and build a personal database Gnote Tutorial Completed
  • Turn your friends into the Hulk! (Cheese)

Test Plan

  • Needs to work well on netbooks
  • Needs to work well on phones