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* '''Máirín's Blog Post''':
* '''Máirín's Blog Post''':
* '''Thread on ambassadors' list''':
* '''Thread on ambassadors' list''':
* '''Identica thread from 17 Aug 2010''': (not indexed below yet)
* '''Máirín's Blog Post''': (not indexed below yet)
* '''Ambassadors list thread''' (not indexed below yet)
* '''Websites list thread''' (not indexed below yet)
== Ideas ==
== Ideas ==

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The vision for

Fedora has a lot of local community websites. A somewhat recent addition to the mix is Fedora's local community domain program, whereby a local Fedora community can obtain a * domain to point to their self-hosted website.

In the midst of a thread on the advisory-board mailing list, it became clear that it would be a good thing to have a single place where folks seeking out their particular local Fedora community could go to find it, rather than searching in multiple | places for their community. In the thread, a Fedora Infrastructure ticket to this end was also referenced.

The work so far

Matt Domsch created | the barebones portal page for this directory that is up on now, | asking for assistance in making it a nicer-looking site. I posted an initial mockup for feedback in reply</a>, and since then [ have iterated a few times based on the feedback I've gotten. I've been working with Sijis Aviles, who very quickly took my early mockups and produced a first cut at an HTML/CSS version of them.

A few design decisions have been made throughout this process that you might want to be aware of:

  • Both national flags and national borders can, in a few cases, be quite controversial and stir up hard feelings so we did our best to avoid them in the design.

(The countries have been split up by continent because there are quite a lot to list on one page, and the continent to which a country belongs nor the shape of the continents of the world are not so controversial.



All mockups are contained in the following source file:

SVG Source for all get.fpo mockups (last updated 2 Aug 2010)

Front page


Notes for HTML/CSS

Fcommunity-org-design 1-frontpage.png