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This is a list of things that still need to be fixed on the redesigned www.fpo. Feel free to edit it and add stuff!



  • Edit the slideshow to span the entire width of the page
  • Edit the slide buttons


  • The icons aren't placed next to the text (as on Using Fedora) but above it
  • Sound editor icons is missing (images/features/icons/app_soundrecorder.png)


"FEDORA 14 DESKTOP EDITION" fields needs some padding on the left


  • Header links for the Twitter div aren't bold anymore - was this on purpose?
  • Join images aren't centered horizontally

Using Fedora

  • Lowest Back to top button is out of place + too big
  • Needs some space between "More tutorials" section and "YOUR LIFE ON FEDORA"


  • The 1 / 2 / 3 icons' colour looks a little off
  • The "1" isn't centered


  • The RH logo doesn't look like it's centered vertically with the text

404 page

  • Headers should be switched (size-wise)
  • Still needs funny joke/picture :D

Things that break with in other languages


  • Edit gradients to be more visible / edit colours (I'll try something -Schendje)