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Revision as of 16:11, 13 October 2010 by Elad (talk | contribs)

This is a list of things that still need to be fixed on the redesigned www.fpo. Feel free to edit it and add stuff!



  • Edit the slideshow to span the entire width of the page
  • Edit the slide buttons


  • The icons aren't placed next to the text (as on Using Fedora) but above it
  • Sound editor icons is missing (images/features/icons/app_soundrecorder.png)


"FEDORA 14 DESKTOP EDITION" fields needs some padding on the left


  • Header links for the Twitter div aren't bold anymore - was this on purpose?
  • Join images aren't centered horizontally

Using Fedora

  • Lowest Back to top button is out of place + too big
  • Needs some space between "More tutorials" section and "YOUR LIFE ON FEDORA"
  • Some header strings (eg. "Tutorials, tips & tricks to make your Fedora experience awesome!") including those facts in the side of the header (in the tutorials, in the interviews and in the main Using Fedora page) aren't in the POT file, so they can't be translated.


  • The 1 / 2 / 3 icons' colour looks a little off
  • The "1" isn't centered


  • The RH logo doesn't look like it's centered vertically with the text

404 page

  • Headers should be switched (size-wise)
  • Still needs funny joke/picture :D

Things that break with in other languages

  • There are many visual problems with RTL languages


  • Edit gradients to be more visible / edit colours (I'll try something -Schendje)