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As the Project moves forward Fedora.Next, we need new websites.

Next Meeting Agenda

Next meeting would be the 6th of March at 18:00UTC for about 1h on Freenode #fedora-meeting-2

  • Precise spectrum of redesign

We should find a easy adaptable solution, pages should be easy to manage once we know exactly what we are going to provide and how.

    • brochure: fp.o == get.fpo ?
    • If more than one image per product: brochure = fp.o
      1. workstation.fpo
      2. server.fpo
      3. cloud.fpo
    • spins.fpo

Spins should, as long as they will exist (and they should), be part of fpo (workstation.fpo), not more a separate site

    • start.fpo
    • fudcon.fpo, f.comm,...
  • HUB

Hub sites need a web-app, proposal to manage these in a second step of the webpage-redesign. Help from Infra Team needed, Flask should be the framework to use.

  • Define schedule and workforce.


websites concerns:

  • dynamic
    • hub.fpo as a web-app with regard to FAS' groups. or /dev, /amba, /design...
  • static
    • get.fpo redirect to fpo with specific links to <products>.fpo. Should we have a default image for each?
    • help.fpo st
    • fc.o ?
    • fudcon.fpo ?

[buildsys] How we will know when there is a new image, where to get them, their name, path, checksums... ? Accessibility L10n (rtl) buildsys (should work offline, keep last cache if possible) share the maximum code ever!

Hot new repository without pictures to stay light. The web-app (hub) might have his own repo/buildsys.