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Boilerplate Responses

These are stock responses to be used when a specific inquiry is received. It is important to let the person or group making the inquiry understand that this is a response on behalf of the Fedora Project, and not just a personal response. CC the mailing list on all responses to keep everyone apprised.

Inquiry regarding HTTPD test page

That is a test page included with our operating system;
we don't actually control the site in question.
Please refer to

Inquiry regarding a non-website issue

The address is only for issues related to
Fedora's websites.  For general Fedora support, please refer to the
help resources described at

SHA checksum confusion on .iso files

There is a large note on about this:

   Please note that the Hash: SHA1 line in the CHECKSUM file is part
   of the PGP signature. It does not specify the type of hash used to
   verify the .iso files.

Many people are confused by this and we plan to include text in the
CHECKSUM files themselves for future releases to make it clearer.